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enCaption | ENCO
Live Captioning for Virtul Events & Zoom

Captioning is not only a requirement for some events, but it can also unlock access to a new audience or allow you to meet ADA requirements. By utilizing the cloud to distribute video, today’s live events can be seen anywhere and by anyone. However, captioning these events doesn’t have to take place in the cloud. With enCaption, you can caption your worship service, corporate meetings, or the next big Ted style event – faster and more accurately than using traditional phone or cloud-based models.

ENCO enCaption is local, fast and trainable. Learn how it can be deployed and used for your next live stream. It might become the cornerstone of your multi-faceted captioning and transcription needs.

  • Simultaneously enable the overlay of captions directly on your IMAG video.
  • Embed captions into your live webcasts for your at-large viewers.
  • Generate web-formatted HTML captions:
    • Deliver to smartphones or tablets in the live room
    • Deliver live to your website
  • Save text-based transcripts and sidecar files
    • Review your event dialogs afterwards
    • Add to video recordings in post-production

Presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology, JB&A Distribution – with guests: Bill Bennett, Media Solutions Account Manager, ENCO Systems, Inc, and Matt Walther, Product Manager, ENCO Systems, Inc.

Grass Valley Alyve  | Browser-based tools for
Live Stream Video Management Across Social Media Platforms

Maximize your digital team’s resources with browser-based tools that don’t require additional software or hardware. Simultaneously broadcast to social media (YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitch), digital (web or OTT) as well as any CDN and RTMP streaming platforms. Drive audience engagement and collect real-time sentiment and analytics.

  • GV Alyve platform overview
  • New features!
  • Live walk-through / demo
  • Use case story
  • JB&A support – how we can help
  • Q&A session after the live demonstration.

Presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology at JB&A + co-hosted by Grass Valley with Scott Clary, Strategy & Growth, and Belal Hummadi, Director Alyve and Gaming & Polling.

Monetize Your Virtual Events with Live PPV | Vimeo
Launch a video subscription channel with Vimeo OTT

Learn how your organization can create a “Netflix in a Box” solution with or without paid subscriptions + individual events can now be sold as Live PPV!

Vimeo OTT allows you to launch a video subscription channel, with all the tools and tech you need to grow your audience, including support for you and your subscribers. Live content for your site and apps, including event-based live streaming and 24/7 (linear) live streaming is available.

  • Vimeo OTT platform
  • NEW! Live Pay Per View feature
  • JB&A support – how we can help
  • Q&A session after the live demonstration

Webinar presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology at JB&A + guest speaker James Page, Director of Business Development – Live Solutions at Vimeo.

Choose the Right PTZ Live Streaming Camera | AVer
for Houses of Worship, Higher Education, Enterprise

Whether you’re presenting a worship service, online lesson, or all-hands meeting, live streaming is now part of the new normal of how organizations communicate. In this webinar, you’ll learn about building a long-term video strategy that starts with the right PTZ live streaming camera.

• Overview of AVer Pro AV solutions
• Understanding equipment and integration issues
• Setting up your live video streaming
• Top things to consider when selecting a new PTZ camera
• Q&A session after the presentation

Webinar presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology at JB&A and special guest Rich Moscoso, Pro-AV Field Applications Engineer at AVer.
Q&A support by Andy Teoh, Director of Product Management at AVer Information Inc.

How to Choose a PTZ Camera for Live Streaming Events: 5 Things You Need to Consider

Gaming & Polling | Grass Valley
Live Viewer Engagement for TV & Virtual Events

Organizations that evolve and thrive in the new environment are taking the next step by securing audience participation through interactive gaming and polling.

Engage your viewers with trivia, quizzes, and polls over live broadcast, social media, and web.

  • GV Gaming & Polling platform overview
  • Live walk-through / demo
  • Use case story
  • JB&A support – how we can help

Presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology at JB&A + co-hosted by Grass Valley with Scott Clary, Strategy & Growth, Belal Hummadi, Dir. Alyve and Gaming & Polling, and Matt Bain, Dir. of Channel N America.

Future of Video Production | NDI and beyond
with Dr. Andrew Cross

Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology at JB&A, hosts this leading edge discussion with Dr. Andrew Cross of NewTek fame – now President of R&D at Vizrt Group – as Dr. Cross shares his insights into the future of video production.

Andrew Cross is the very person who brought us into the world of IP video production with NDI.

Streaming Solutions 103 | NewTek & Vimeo
Virtual Live Events & Secure Live Meetings

Streaming Solutions for Business, Higher Ed, and Virtual Events with NewTek & Vimeo. Presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology, JB&A Distribution – with guest James Page, Vimeo.

Learn how to reach your audience with an affordable, fully digital, studio production solution – providing the highest quality video with a secure, password protected, distribution experience.

Stream professional broadcast quality with the least amount of gear, and the smallest staff. Take advantage of multiple cameras and sources – switch content live, bring in external feeds, add graphics, backgrounds, and video clips.

Learn how to:

  • Drive corporate messaging to a private location.
  • Set up meetings with chat and questionnaires.
  • Secure and password protect communication.
  • Virtualize and monetize your live events.
  • Be your own private broadcaster and distribute content.

Reach your core audience with video that amazes, engages, and differentiates the message you need to deliver. Use technology that is affordable, flexible and secure. Deliver it to the people who matter to you at the highest quality, lowest cost and most secure system available.

NewTek TriCaster TC1: A production switcher and streaming encoder with graphics, virtual sets, video playout, Skype calls, multi-channel recording, PTZ camera control and more.

Vimeo Enterprise Plan: Stream high-quality video to only the intended audience via a secure network with your branding and analytics. Fixed annual costs without bandwidth limitations or trailing costs.

Bundle & Save:

Streaming Solutions 102 | Lumens
Lecture Capture, Compliance Recording

Reach your students, staff, and customers through virtual classes, live broadcasts, and enhanced online meetings. We’ll show you how easy it can be.

Imagine being able to walk into a room, add a camera and your content, and with the click of 2 buttons, instantly start recording and streaming to your audience.

  • Mid-range, Hardware solutions from Lumens Integration
  • Solutions for remote classrooms, all-hands meetings, worship services, lecture capture, compliance recording
  • System configuration and walk-through
  • Add-ons like cameras, control surfaces, etc.
  • JB&A support – how we can help

Presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology, JB&A Distribution

Mix four video sources, record, stream, and live-switch simultaneously, which is perfect to serve as the core system for your video project.

Remote Production | Intinor Direkt
REMI / Remote Editorial Solutions

Remote production, otherwise known as REMI (Remote Integration model) or at-home-production, is a growing trend in the broadcast industry. Production companies and broadcasters are, especially in these days, looking for ways to cut cost, utilize staff capacity and improve production workflow.

Presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology, JB&A Distribution, and Daniel Lundstedt, Regional Sales Manager, Intinor.

During this webinar, we will showcase some of the most important features by doing a live REMI-demo with multiple feeds going from Intinor’s HQ in Sweden to the JB&A office in CA. This “live REMI webinar” will also cover our solutions for network bonding and remote editorial.

Resources: Learn more about Intinor in this Blog Post and PDF with diagrams.

Streaming Solutions 101 | Telestream
Wirecast Gear for Churches, Schools, Business

Reaching your students, staff, clients, and congregation through webinars and live shows is essential right now, as well as enhancing your Zoom meetings, or any conferencing platform.

Presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology, JB&A Distribution.

  • Entry-level and Mid-range streaming solutions
  • Software and Hardware solutions
  • Solutions for remote classrooms, all-hands meetings, worship services
  • System configuration and walk-through
  • Add-ons like cameras, control surfaces, etc.
  • JB&A support – how we can help

A unique blend of performance, ease of use and affordability.

  • Wirecast is all-in-one live streaming production software. Dependable, easy to use, and highly portable.
  • Wirecast Gear is a turnkey video production system (hardware). Start streaming in minutes with an end-to-end system configured specifically for your needs.
  • Workflow diagram

3 New Products You Didn’t Know You Needed!
Lumens Integration

Listen and learn in this conversation between Nicholas Smith, VP of Tech at JB&A and Paul Monoz, Tech Guru at Lumens as they discuss three new products you didn’t know (but now you will know) that you needed!

  1. VC-A61P (UHD PTZ IP Camera)
  2. VC-BC701P (4Kp60 Box Camera)
  3. LC-200 (CaptureVision System)

VC-A61P (UHD PTZ IP Camera)

  • 4K UHD 30fps and 1080P 60fps video signal output format
  • 30x optical zoom, 68 degrees Horizontal Field of View
  • Ethernet, HDMI and 3G-SDI synchronous image outputs

VC-BC701P (4Kp60 Box Camera)

  • 4K 60fps UHD
  • 30x Optical Zoom, 68 degrees Horizontal Viewing Angle
  • HDMI and Ethernet video outputs
  • Triple stream video, support H.265 / H.264 format
  • Support RTSP / RTMP / RTMPS / MPEG-TS / SRT streaming protocol
  • Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Support Line/MIC Audio Input

LC-200 (CaptureVision System)

  • Supports 1080p 60/30fps recording
  • Supports 4 HDMI Inputs and IP video sources including Lumens IP Cameras, NDI|HX Camera, and standard RTSP streams
  • Supports HDMI-embedded audio or analog stereo audio with 4 channels Audio Input mixing and gain control

Let There Be Light

Want some guidelines for selecting the best projector for your project? JB&A’s VP of Technology, Nicholas Smith reviews the Christie Digital DS Series and HS Series projector lines utilizing LCD and DLP technology for a wide range of market applications.

CHRISTIE · HS Series Projectors
The HS Series offers a powerful, reliable and cost-effective option for almost any high-use application…


The Panel Shop

LCD video walls are used in Visualization, Control rooms, Digital Signage, Broadcast, Artistic & Architectural among other markets and applications. Watch this overview of the Christie Digital LCD tile lineup with JB&A’s VP of Technology, Nicholas Smith and learn about some exciting new features!

CHRISTIE · Extreme Series Tiled LCD Flat Panels
Create impressive, near-seamless video walls with Christie’s highest performing LCD panels…


High Bandwidth Network Switches for Storage

JB&A’s VP of Technology, Nicholas Smith takes a deeper look at what makes Mellanox a great solution for high bandwidth network switches.

In this webinar, you will learn what makes them better than the alternatives, and why you should consider Mellanox the next time you are putting together a storage plan or building an SDVoE IP video matrix.

All that and more on this epsiode of JB&A University.

Mellanox SN2010 for M&E (pdf)

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