Transitioning to Software in Control Rooms and Operation Centers

Eliminate complexity, increase customers’ ROI and delivery more functionality to ensure true situational awareness.

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Userful Software’s Core Solution

PROBLEM: Hardware Constraints
The image processing, rendering and transport over networks of multiple sources, layered in a command and control screen can result in non-real-time information.

SOLUTION: Software Scalability
Userful employs best-in-industry GPU technology to ensure real-time display via Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) to ensure best-in-industry delivery (low latency) of visual information across networks.

TECHNOLOGIES INVOLVED: Visual Networking Platform
The only software-defined platform that enables users to route any source content to any screen globally for operational excellence.

KEY FEATURES: Architectural Advantage
Userful’s Visual Networking Platform is open, API-driven, adheres to IT standards, and runs on either off-the-shelf hardware or public/private cloud for maximum scalability, security, and manageability.

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