Make your productions sound great with Streamed EZ Audio Packages

Schools, Churches, Corporations and Government entities all have the need to quickly and easily stream events to a remote audience, and Streamed EZ makes that as easy as possible. The new Streamed EZ Audio Packages are the perfect compliment to any Streamed EZ bundle. They’re affordable and loaded with features – starting at only $300!

Tune into this webinar to learn more about the new Streamed EZ Audio Packages from JB&A.


Whether you’re a Church, a School, a Corporation, or even a Government agency, reaching your audience has never been more important. To help you arrive at the perfect video solution, the JB&A Solution Builder will take you step by step through assessing your needs, so our Experts can design the best solution for you.


Here’s How JB&A Can Help

    JB&A represents multiple best-in-class brands and platforms. Our Audio and Video Technologies are essential pieces to turn your Boardroom into a Broadcast room. Whether you need just a part, or a complete solution – Audio, Video, Streaming, Storage, Infrastructure, Cloud, On-Prem – we have it all!
    Not quite sure where to start? JB&A is here to help. From Conference Calls, to Presentations, and Product Demonstrations – we provide complete Pre-Sales Support to help you determine which technologies fit the need and the budget.
    The JB&A Engineering team is patiently sitting by their phones waiting for your call – seriously, they really geek out talking to clients about technology. All jokes aside, our team can assist with Designs, System Verification, and more. Check out the Design diagram on this page.
  • Demo Product
    Sometimes, we all just need to press some buttons for ourselves. JB&A has a fantastic demo product program to help end users understand the product and how it will fit into their workflows.
  • Training
    Need product training for yourself or your customers? Of course, we do that!
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