The process of producing professional media has been turned inside-out in 2020. Media organizations have been forced to completely rethink how content is created and re-architect their workflows and storage infrastructure for remote access and collaboration.

To support this new environment, JB&A has partnered with Wasabi Technologies to deliver high-performance cloud storage that allows production projects to be accessed from anywhere while providing overall storage cost savings. Best of all, Wasabi’s straight forward, “no hidden fees” pricing makes it easy for resellers to bundle cloud storage into a solution sale and earn solid margins on the cloud!

Watch this webinar recording to see how Wasabi works with a vast array of S3-compatible editorial, asset management and storage solutions allowing partners to offer Wasabi as the cloud repository that saves customers money while driving more profit for partners.

What you will learn:

  • Why Wasabi hot cloud storage is game changing for partners
  • Top 3 Use Cases for Media & Entertainment
  • How you can start making money with cloud storage now

Presented by:
– Dean Archibald, Director N America Alliance & Channel, Wasabi Technologies
– Whit Jackson, Vice President Media & Entertainment, Wasabi Technologies
– Matt Bain, Director of Solutions Architecture, JB&A Distribution

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