Improve Your Remote Editing Workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro & EVO

Remote workflow options are a must-have in today’s production environment. The SNS EVO network-attached server is the ultimate workflow catalyst for creative teams working in Adobe® Premiere® Pro. Content creators around the world can access their EVO server, download proxy media to their local workstations, and render their final projects all from the comfort of their own home with the easy-to-use remote workflow tools available with EVO. Join SNS and JB&A as we explore the simple, straightforward remote editing workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro and SNS EVO. Presented by Steve McKenna, SNS and Matt Bain, JB&A.

You’ll learn about:

  • How to access your in-office EVO server from home
  • Working with proxy media in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Rendering your files remotely with SNS VPN
  • EVO’s integrated workflow tools for Premiere Pro and After Effects
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