Squigl is a creative AI software and media production platform meant for anyone who can use a web browser. Use Squigl to quickly create engaging and memorable presentations in a new genre of digital media.

Anyone with an idea can use Squigl. Marketers, Instructional Designers, educators, learners of all levels, speakers, HR professionals, Learning & Development department employees all use Squigl to create highly effective content that captures the mind.


  • Now available only thru North American JB&A Partner channel exclusively!
  • Session featuring Introduction to the platform led by Executive Chairman Dr. Odeh Muhawesh and team
  • Understand how Microsoft® and other industry leading cloud companies move faster with Squigl

Presented by Squigl team members: Odeh Muhawesh, Executive Chairman; Ahmad Roowala, CEO; Eric Oakland, CIO; Andrew Herkert, Head of Growth + co-hosted by Matt Bain, Director of Solutions Architecture at JB&A.

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