Browser-based tools for Live Stream Video Management
Across Social Media Platforms

Maximize your digital team’s resources with browser-based tools that don’t require additional software or hardware. Simultaneously broadcast to social media (YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitch), digital (web or OTT) as well as any CDN and RTMP streaming platforms. Drive audience engagement and collect real-time sentiment and analytics.

What We Cover:

  • GV Alyve platform overview
  • New features!
  • Live walk-through / demo
  • Use case story
  • JB&A support – how we can help
  • Q&A session after the live demonstration.

Presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology at JB&A + co-hosted by Grass Valley with Scott Clary, Strategy & Growth, and Belal Hummadi, Director Alyve and Gaming & Polling.

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