Captioning is not only a requirement for some events, but it can also unlock access to a new audience or allow you to meet ADA requirements. By utilizing the cloud to distribute video, today’s live events can be seen anywhere and by anyone. However, captioning these events doesn’t have to take place in the cloud. With enCaption, you can caption your worship service, corporate meetings, or the next big Ted style event – faster and more accurately than using traditional phone or cloud-based models.

ENCO enCaption is local, fast and trainable. Learn how it can be deployed and used for your next live stream. It might become the cornerstone of your multi-faceted captioning and transcription needs.

  • Simultaneously enable the overlay of captions directly on your IMAG video.
  • Embed captions into your live webcasts for your at-large viewers.
  • Generate web-formatted HTML captions:
    • Deliver to smartphones or tablets in the live room
    • Deliver live to your website
  • Save text-based transcripts and sidecar files
    • Review your event dialogs afterwards
    • Add to video recordings in post-production

Presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology, JB&A Distribution – with guests: Bill Bennett, Media Solutions Account Manager, ENCO Systems, Inc, and Matt Walther, Product Manager, ENCO Systems, Inc.

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