Telestream | Wirecast Gear for Churches, Schools, Business

Reaching your students, staff, clients, and congregation through webinars and live shows is essential right now, as well as enhancing your Zoom meetings, or any conferencing platform.

Presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology, JB&A Distribution.

What We Cover:

  • Entry-level and Mid-range streaming solutions
  • Software and Hardware solutions
  • Solutions for remote classrooms, all-hands meetings, worship services
  • System configuration and walk-through
  • Add-ons like cameras, control surfaces, etc.
  • JB&A support – how we can help

Presented by Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology, JB&A Distribution

A unique blend of performance, ease of use and affordability.

  • Wirecast is all-in-one live streaming production software. Dependable, easy to use, and highly portable.
  • Wirecast Gear is a turnkey video production system (hardware). Start streaming in minutes with an end-to-end system configured specifically for your needs.
  • Workflow diagram
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